Product Information

This is a quick, easy to use rust stain remover that can be applied with a standard pressurized bug sprayer to sidewalks, decorative lawn items, walls and fences.  It quickly causes the rust stains to instantly disapear. 

Iron Stain Remover

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1 Gallon
  • This is a high concentrate liquid iron stain remover that is easily added to a pump sprayer for quick and instant removal of mineral & iron  stains from sidewalks, buildings and other areas of your property.  Just spray the stain and watch as it clears the discolored ugly stained places.  It is advisable to have a water hose nearby to rinse the area after the cleaning has occured.  This will dilute the acid solution and make the overall cleaning of the areas more consistent.  It will also keep the the cleaned mineral residuals from drying on the surfaces and potentially leaving a film.  Please handle safely and prevent the iron stain remover from your eyes and skin.  Check the SDS for further information