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Product Information

The Rust Preventer siphon system is an easy to install applicator of our iron control chemical.  It simply requires pvc glue and a drill (for providing a hole into the existing suction PVC line) of your well pump.  The needle valve makes it a quick adjustment of the injection rate of between 1/2 gallon to 2 gallons per hour injection rate.  Please call with any questions.

Rust Preventer siphon tank system

  • This is a high quality and sturdy tank feed system for accurately siphoning in our Rust Preventer irrigation treatment into your irrigation system  With our dial controlled flow meter, the treatment will be added at a precise and consistent rate to assure the proper amount of solution is added to control the iron in the irrigation system .  This system is is extremely easy to install - taking only a few minutes to do so.  All that is necessary is some PVC glue and a drill.  Without cutting pipe, you would instead apply PVC glue to the inside of the snap tee and push onto the 3/4" suction side pipe.  Then you would simply drill an access hole throught the tee and into the suction side pipe.  Next, glue in the two reducer couplings (all included with the system).  Then, after applying some teflon tape to the injector, screw in the injector into the threaded reducer fitting.  Finally, attach the tubing coming from the top ot the tank to the injecter using the coupling fitting.      


    And because of the tight metered injection rate, the need to refill is less often than other siphon systems on the market.

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