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Irrigation Treatment


SPER Rust Preventer

The ABSOLUTE - Most Effective Rust Controller on the Market! 

Finally, you can say "good riddance" to Rid O Rust


      At SPER CHEMICAL, we take pride in everything we manufacture.  Although our industry has changed over time, we have continually kept pace with new innovative chemical components to better control iron problems in irrigation systems to assure the best and most economic treatment to prevent rust stains.  Our Rust Preventer® is the most effective concentrate on the market today as compared to Rid O Rust®, Unrust®, No-Rust® and all the other standard products that have been out there for all these years.  We are determined to formulate our Rust Preventer® with the most effective and highest quality components in order to supply the most economic product available for our valued customers.

Why Put Up With This?

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When You Can Have This!!

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Who is SPER Chemical?

     SPER Chemical Corporation has been a Clearwater Florida based water treatment manufacturer since 1980.  We have produced both potable (drinking) municipal and agricultural water treatment blends for control of natural minerals in the water to prevent scale buildup and corrosion within the water distribution systems. You can visit our main water treatment site here:

     In 2013, after a comprehensive investigation researching the most advanced current chemical studies, we began producing a new innovative formulation blend that we call Rust Preventer®. It as been applied to numerous non-potable irrigation systems throughout Florida and various southeast irrigation systems with excellent results, especially when compared to the other products (Rid O Rust®, UnRust®, etc.) that have been on the market for years and years.  Our Rust Preventer has had zero complaints over 10+ years from all of our customers that have used it.  Please review the Product Data information along with our interactive Dosage/Usage Calculator to determine your exact system needs.  We not only produce our Rust Preventer® for rust prevention for your irrigation system, we also have a easy to use Iron Stain Remover for eliminating the current stain you have prior to the installation of our Rust Preventer® treatment system.

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SPER Chemical Corporation

14770 62ND Street N. STE B

Clearwater, FL 33760


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