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Iron Stain Remover

     Our Iron Stain Remover is a quick to perform cleaner that works to immediately to erase and eliminate those awful rusty iron stains that come from irrigation system that have iron and manganese in the well water.  We provide it in a easy to use liquid that you can pour into a standard bug sprayer and simply sprayed onto the stained areas. 


Here are examples of areas cleaned by our Iron Stain remover

paver stain.jpeg
paver clean2.jpeg
Sidewalk rusty.png
sidewalk clean2.jpeg

SEVER IRRITANT - Use impervious gloves and consider goggles when using Iron Stain Remover.  Refer to the Iron Stain Remover SDS for important handling information.

NFPA symbol.png
Instructions for use:
  • May use concentrate directly as provided for sever stains, or may dilute in half for lighter stain removing.

  • CAREFULLY Pour liquid Iron Stain Remover solution into a pump style sprayer.

  • Avoid applying the Iron Stain Remover to metallic surfaces (aluminum, steel, copper, etc., and avoid glass surfaces to prevent potential etching of the glass.

  • Position a water hose with sprayer head nearby to rinse away the Iron Stain Remover acidic solution once the stain disappears.

  • Apply the Iron Stain Remover to the entire area of the rust stain.  Take appropriate steps to prevent the spray of this liquid into eyes or onto skin.

  • Generally, the stain will immediately disappear - however sever stains may require a second or third application.

  • Flush the area completely, especially around plants and grass with water to dilute the Iron Stain Remover acidic concentrate. 

  • To prevent the iron stain from re-appearing, inject our Rust Preventer, a highly effective sequesterin treatment into the irrigation system on an ongoing and consistent basis.

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