Rust Preventer

Liquid Irrigation Treatment

Product Description:

     SPER Rust Preventer is a unique liquid blend of specialized chelation chemical ingredients manufactured to provide an overall single treatment choice for iron stabilization in commercial/residential irrigation systems.  Our Rust Preventer is a highly concentrated, all inclusive blend that works in a variety of iron and mineral hardness levels.  The effective dosage rate for SPER Rust Preventer is typically in the stiochiometric range of 1:100,000 meaning one gallon of Rust Preventer can generally treat 100,000 gallons of irrigation water.  With this treatment ratio, SPER Rust Preventer is a very cost effective remedy to  irrigation rusty water problems. 

Chemical Properties:

Composition ............... Liquid blend            Appearance ............... Clean, clear blue liquid  

Bulk Density ...............11.25 lbs./gal

pH of soluton ..............4.3 - 5.0

Active concentrate .....40%

Freezing Point ............9°C (15.8°F) 

Why put up with this?

When you can have this!

Application, Dosage & Handling:

     SPER Rust Preventer is applied to the irrigation system by use of a siphon system or electronic chemical pump injection system.  See our equipment page for specific information.  Approximately (1) gallon of Rust Preventer will treat 100,000 gallons of water at a 3.6 mg/L dosage.  This is the general dosage for a 1.25 mg/L iron level with 120 mg/L (7 grains) total hardness.  SPER Rust Preventer is an extremely stable sequestering treatment for a wide range of iron, mineral hardness and pH ranges. 


Please refer to the SPER Rust Preventer SDS for safe handling information.


SPER Rust Preventer is packaged in 2.5 gal jugs/case, 5 gallon pails, 30 & 55 gallon drums, 220 & 275 gallon totes.


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