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SPER Rust Preventer


Usage / Dosage Calculator

     Our calculator makes it really easy for you to determine how many gallons of Rust Preventer you will need to add to your solution tank in order to successfully treat your irrigation system based on the iron, hardness and pH of your well water. 

     First, you enter your specific water data (iron, total hardness, pH) in the white boxes of the first section. Then in the second section, enter your planned system set up to determine how many gallons of Rust Preventer you will need to add to your solution tank. Make sure to select the estimated size (small, medium or large) of your Residential Well GPM (gallons per minute) or your Commercial Well GPM (gallons per minute) to accurately calculate the proper concentration. After that, you will need to choose the injection rate in GPH (gallons per hour) of the chemical injection pump, or siphon system that will be used to apply the diluted Rust Preventer into your sprinkler system. The other information you will need to enter includes the hours per day along with the number of days per week you run the sprinkler system in order to calculate overall system usage. Next, make sure to enter the size of your solution tank in gallons.

     From all of the information you just entered about your system, the calculator will now provide you a recommended  "GALLONS OF RUST PREVENTER YOU NEED TO ADD TO YOUR SOLUTION TANK".

     You will also have various additional statistics on the lower section of the calculator that will give you your expected usage based on ALL the information you entered about your system.


Enter your Information in the White Boxes with Your Results in the Green Boxes

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