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Frequently Asked Questions

How much Rust Preventer will I need for my system?

      It depends on your water characteristics.  The 3 main factors for determining usage is the level of dissolved iron, total mineral hardness and pH.  You can easily go to our Dosage Calculator and plug in these figures into our calculator to determine the necessary amount of Rust Preventer needed to treat your irrigation system.  Keep in mind, we will test your water for free.  Just send us a drinking water size sample and your contact information and we will test for iron, total hardness, and pH.  Most systems will require (1) gallon of Rust Preventer per 100,000 gallons of irrigation water.  That translates to approximately 66 hours of well treatment per gallon of Rust Preventer (based on a 25 gpm flow rate).  So a (5) gallon pail will last over 300 hours.

Is the Rust Preventer product safe to handle and to apply to plants and lawns

      Yes it is!  Unlike some products that are out there, our Rust Preventer is safe to handle and is actually helpful to your lawn and plants.  Because SPER Rust Preventer is such an effective sequestrant, it will provide more available soluble mineral uptake  tor the plants from the natural minerals in your ground water.  Our Rust Preventer also has chelating and dispersion ingredients that will help to soften the soil to effectively assure precious water to find its way to the plant roots.

Will the rust stains come back over time?

What is the best way to apply Rust Preventer to my irrigation system?

     There are three ways to inject our Rust Preventer concentrate into your irrigation system.  You can use the equipment you already have for a product you are not satisfied with.  Just substitute the product you had used that wasn't successfully controlling your iron with our Rust Preventer.  Add the same amount of Rust Preventer to the solution tank as you did the other product. 

If you do not already have a system, we can offer both an easy to install siphon system that includes everything you need to install and get up and running.  Or an electric injection pump that comes on with the well pump to consistently inject a dosage of Rust Preventer to treat the irrigation system.  Check our interactive Dosage Calculator  for determining a treatment dosage, solution concentrate for your tank, and pump/siphon setting.

      No!  As long as the Rust Preventer is applied consistently and at the proper dosage, the iron will remain un-precipitated thereby preventing the iron particles from forming which causes the stain from appearing.  A good strategy is to use our Dosage Calculator to establish a dosage and system set up, and then create that concentrate of water and Rust Preventer to inject into your system.  

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