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SPER Rust Preventer   Liquid Irrigation - Iron Control Treatment. 
Best Choice for Commercial & Residential  Irrigation Systems in America!


     The groundwater used for irrigation systems in many of the various states in the United States contain soluble iron Fe2+ (ferrous iron) that is clear and stable when deep inside the well, but once it is pumped up and exposed to oxygen becomes Fe3+ (ferric iron) and precipitates the iron into a particle that becomes a rust stain on your property.  Our Rust Preventer liquid irrigation treatment is an extremely concentrated formulation that will tightly bind with the soluble ferrous iron to prevent the iron molecule to revert to a rust particle.  The result is no stain is formed when you inject our Rust Preventer into your irrigation system containing ferrous iron (Fe2+). 

     SPER Chemical, is the manufacturer of Rust Preventer produced at our facility in Clearwater, Florida.  We typically blend and ship our products quickly and economically get our high quality rust control irrigation treatment to your location right away.  We package our product in a number of sizes from 1 gallon jugs to 275 gallon totes.  Please review our Product Data Sheet for additional information.

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FREE Water Testing:

     Please feel free to send us a raw water sample from your irrigation system and we will test it for iron, total hardness and pH at no cost. When you take your sample, please let the system run for about 1 minute then grab a sample.  We prefer approximately 12 - 16 ounces (water bottle size) in order to have a representation of the water characteristics.  While taking the sample, please observe it and let us know if you notice any water discoloration (usually it is clear). 

Please send the sample to: 

            SPER Chemical Corporation

            Water Sample Enclosed

            14770-B 62nd Street N.

            Clearwater, FL 33760

With your sample please include:

  • Your name and email address.

  • Description of the water sample when you obtained it.

  • Any information about your system including the pump gallons per minute (GPM), hours and days per week you run the system.

  • Do you currently have a system (siphon or pump) to inject the chemical?  If so, what is the size of your solution tank?

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SPER Chemical's precise and easy to install Siphon System for Rust Preventer Injection

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