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Each of our 1 gallon Rust Preventer will be enough concentrate to fill a 35 gallon solution tank at least twice (1 gal to 34 gal) for typical systems.  Each solution tank fill will last 70 well hours, or 4 + weeks of treatment (based on 8 hours irrigation/2 days per week)  With the (2) 1 gallon jug case, you will get approximately (4) solution tank fills.  This means that a 2 jug case, you will be able to treat 560 well hours (35 weeks) per (2) jug case!    

Rust Preventer (2) 1 gallon case

SKU: SC-RP1-1-2
1 Gallon
  • Our Rust Preventer is a highly concentrated, all inclusive irrigation treatment blend that works in a variety of iron and mineral hardness levels.  The effective dosage rate for SPER Rust Preventer is typically in the range of 1 : 100,000 meaning one gallon of Rust Preventer can generally treat 100,000 gallons of irrigation water. This means this (2) 1 gallon jug will treat 160+ well hours (based on a 25 GPH irrigation pump). If you irrigate 8 hours per session & 2 days per week, you will get 9+ weeks of treatment with this single 2 gallon case.  Higher iron levels will require additional treatment for adequate iron control.

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